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When tuning your guitar always warm up the strings first. Rub your hand along the length of the strings half a dozen or so times. Failure to do so will see the strings go flat once you start playing due to the heat emitted from your fingertips. 

Don't forget to tune in the following order A5, E1, E6, B2, D4 and G3.

Tune your guitar right before you play, even small fluctuations in temperature aff...

Everyone knows that all musicians need to practice daily. But what exactly should we be practicing?

One of my best music teachers once said to me: "Tonight go home and make up a big list of all the things you are good at. Then make a list of all things you are bad at. Throw out the first list, the second list is your practice list" It may seem like common sense, but I have found that most studen...

We all know the importance of training a strong musical ear. More importantly and before even commencing musical aural training; we must learn how to listen.

It is my belief that very few musicians, even very experienced ones, truly listen when they are playing music. Many of us think we are listening, when in fact we are barely even hearing.

Listening with intent and focus, is beyond merely hear...

I often hear parents ask our students the question: “What did you learn today?” or “Did you do a new page in the book?” Although very well intentioned, I believe there is often some misunderstanding as to how to best make musical progress. 

Regularly learning new material is of course essential to grow as a musician, however, it is not always best to learn something new. Musical ideas, concepts...

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The short answer is; “No”. Having established that, the following article should help you to tune more accurately. 

The easiest way to start sounding good pitch-wise, is to make sure you are always in tune. It is quite easy to achieve these days, with a huge range of good quality cheap tuners on the market. Our favourite inexpensive tuner is the ‘S...

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What did you learn today?

August 23, 2016

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