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12 May 2015

This is our third and final worksheet blog before the ANZCA exams on Wednesday May 27th.


This worksheet focuses on simple signs and terms that can appear in music.

Download the worksheet and match up the following answers. As always bring the completed worksheet to your lessons for marking.


Signs and terms:

Piano – Soft

Forte – Loud

Mezzo Piano – moderately soft

Mezzo Forte – moderately loud


11 May 2015



Notes and rests are often areas of confusion for students on practical exams.

Match up the following answers with worksheet 2 (download from here)


Quaver (worth half a beat) eighth note

Crotchet (1 beat) quarter note

Dotted Crotchet (1 and a  half) dotted quarter note

Minim (2 beats) half note

Dotted minim (3 beats) dotted half note

Semibreve (4 beats) whole note

Quarter rest (crotchet rest)

Half res...

24 Apr 2015


With ANZCA exams fast approaching (May 27th) please ensure you know all of the required general knowledge for your respective grade.


At Caroline Springs School of Music we ensure that all students are well prepared for EVERY facet of their practical exams, an often neglected area in prac exams is general knowledge. Really the general knowledge component of the exams should be the easiest of al...

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August 23, 2016

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