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General knowledge for practical exams PART THREE.

This is our third and final worksheet blog before the ANZCA exams on Wednesday May 27th.

This worksheet focuses on simple signs and terms that can appear in music.

Download the worksheet and match up the following answers. As always bring the completed worksheet to your lessons for marking.

Signs and terms:

Piano – Soft

Forte – Loud

Mezzo Piano – moderately soft

Mezzo Forte – moderately loud

Fortissimo – very loud

Crescendo – gradually getting louder

Diminuendo – gradually getting softer

Sharp – raises the pitch of a note by a semitone (half step)

Flat – Lowers the pitch of a note by a semitone (half step)

Natural – cancels a sharp or a flat

(the group term for sharps, flats and naturals is: accidentals)

Staccato – play the note short and detached

Accent – play the note a little louder

Ritard – ritardando – gradually becoming slower

Legato slur – play the notes smoothly and connected

Tenuto – hold note for its full value

Pause (fermata) hold note longer than its value

8va – Play one octave higher

Tie – play the first note and hold for the value of the second note as well.

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