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ANZCA Music Examinations


At Caroline Springs School of Music we encourage all students to sit ANZCA music exams.

ANZCA's graded exams range from Introductory to Grade Eight in both classical and modern streams. There are also three levels of Diploma: Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship Performer.


Although by no means compulsory, we find that students who prepare for ANZCA exams generally achieve a higher level of musical competence than those who do not. Preparing for exams helps us to set goals and gives our practice a real sense of purpose. 




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Being assessed by an external and unbiased examiner from outside our school gives us a very accurate idea of how we are progressing in our musical endeavours. Exam grades can give us qualifications for professional opportunities or prerequisites for secondary and tertiary education. By preparing our students for external exams we keep ourselves accountable to achieving good results, we view ANZCA exams as an audit of our program and teachers, fortunately we always achieve outstanding results. 


From your very first lesson at Caroline Springs School of Music our teachers will be preparing you for exams, whether you eventually sit the exam or not, the material acquired is essential to good progress.


We generally encourage students to sit one exam per year (either in May/June or October/November) There is generally little to be gained from sitting more than one exam per year (especially for younger aged students) If you do decide to sit more than once per year, please proceed with caution.


We usually ensure students have completed at least two practical exams, before we consider preparing for theory exams.

We have highly experienced ANZCA examiners on staff and we can help you with any inquiry you may have regarding exams at any time. ANZCA examiners are always friendly and encouraging, they are recognized for their expertise in teaching and performance.


Australia and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited is Australia’s most innovative and creative music examination system.

Since 1982 ANZCA has been renowned for its innovative, flexible and exciting music examination system.


From Baroque to Rock, ANZCA offers creative exam syllabuses to appeal to all contemporary musicians.


Features of the ANZCA system include:

*Modern and Classical exams in a wide range of instruments.

*Exams from introductory to Fellowship Diploma.

*Detailed written reports including marks, along with certificates of achievement.

*Friendly and encouraging examiners.

*Internationally recognized and respected qualifications.

*Quality publications, support material and ‘all in one’ grade books.

*Encouragement of creativity through improvisation, embellishment, arrangement and original composition.

*Exam program flexibility through a Free Choice list in most grades.

*ANZCA is associated with universities through their scholarship program, including Australian National University, Monash University and the University of South Australia.


Exams marking breakdown is generally something like the following (for most grades):

  • Technical Work (Scales, Arpeggios, exercise) 20%

  • Repertoire (Pieces, List A, B and C) 18% for each piece.

  • Sight Reading 10%

  • Aural 8%

  • General Knowledge 8%

Student's practice time should be reflective of the marking breakdown. The examiners mark sheet gives us a great indication of where we need more work for our next exam.


2017 exam prices: (please note; 100 % of all fees are forwarded to ANZCA)


*Introductory $76

*Preparatory $84

*Preliminary $91

*Grade One $91

*Grade Two $108

*Grade Three $108

*Grade Four $126

*Grade Five $126

*Grade Six $150

*Grade Seven $184

*Grade Eight $208



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