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Frequently Asked Questions


We are often asked questions about the day-to-day at Caroline Springs School of Music. Below are some of these questions and answers. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to ask, using our contact form.


What instrument should I learn?


This is really up to you and your child. We find that students usually only excel on an instrument that they have chosen to learn. If you have no preference either way, we usually suggest piano as the carryover benefits to other instruments and theory of music is probably best with the piano.


What age is my child able to start lessons? 


There is no hard and fast rule here. All children are different, the following ages are the youngest we have on each instrument: Piano – 2, Violin – 3, Singing -2, Guitar – 4, drums -3 Most children are able to commence lessons on any instrument by at least the age of 5. We have toddlers programs and bridging courses for children under the age of 5. Some children are not ready to learn until 7 years or older, you know your child best, they are ready when you think they will be able to focus for the better part of 30 minutes at a time.


How much should my child be practising at home? 


Once again, there are no hard and fast rules. Obviously the more we practice, the better we get. For very young students even 5 or 10 mins a day is sufficient. As a general rule, half an hour a day for beginners and an hour or more for intermediate. Advanced students practice for multiple hours everyday.


Do you do trial lessons? 


No, you really need to have lessons for at least a month to understand how our program works. Our syllabus is designed to work cumulatively with progress building from week to week over a period of time. We only offer trial lessons for children under the age of 5 to ascertain if they are ready for study. 


Can I have a free trial lesson? 


No, our teachers are all highly credentialed professionals who do not work for free. 


I am buying an instrument online or elsewhere, can you give me some advice as to what I should be looking for etc? 


No, please visit our ONLINE STORE we will be more than happy to give you any advice you need.


Do you teach adults? 


Yes, of course we do. We have many adult students. It is never too late to learn. 


But am I too old to learn?  


Only if you are over the age of 120. We never accept students over the age of 120. 


Why should I take lessons? 


Many people are choosing to teach themselves, learning from YouTube or online lessons. We believe this should only be an adjunct to actual lessons in a room with a real life teacher. Online lessons fall down in technique development as you need the bio - feedback loop in place with a teacher correcting technique errors at all times. A technique flaw can take minutes to develop and years to rectify.  

We have never seen a self taught student who does not possess at least a few and often, many, technique flaws. It reminds us of the old joke:

Q: “Do you play a musical instrument?”
A: “Yes, but I had an idiot for a teacher”
Q: “Oh really, who taught you?” 
A: “I am self taught” 


I want to learn guitar but I am left handed, do I need to buy a left handed guitar? 


No, if you have never played guitar before you are neither left or right handed. In fact it is an advantage to have your dominant hand undertaking all the fretboard (and more complex) work. 


Can I do one hour lessons, or come more than once a week? 


If you are a beginner, one half hour lesson a week is sufficient, only our more advanced students take one hour lessons or multiple lessons per week. 


Do you prepare students for exams? 


Yes! We are well renowned for our excellent ANZCA exam results.


How do I pay? 


You can pay by Visa, mastercard, EFT or cash. All payments are by the term or if starting during a term pro rata, (you are committed until the end of term and we do not accept enrolments in the last fortnight of each term) If you prefer we can accept weekly payments by direct debit. 


Can I reschedule my lesson? 


No, we can make permanent changes to our timetable with a weeks notice, but we cannot reschedule lessons from week to week. 


Can you teach me to play guitar like Slash? 


Why set your goals so low? 


Can I buy some plectrums? 


No, you may buy some plectra. 


Do you sell semi acoustic guitars? 


Yes we do, but you are almost certainly referring to an acoustic-electric guitar (that is not a semi acoustic guitar).


Do you prepare students for AMEB for leisure series exams? 


No! We are a music school, not a leisure centre. 


How long will it be until I am as good as Brendan? 


Never, you will never be as good as Brendan

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