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We are the longest established school for violin lessons,. Cello Lessons and Viola Lessons in Caroline Springs – We were voted Melbourne's' best music school in 2016 by the APAC business insider awards.

Our external exam marks are consistently among the highest in the country. We encourage all students to sit ANZCA violin exams, or if you prefer; AMEB exams. If you wish to just learn for recreational purposes; that is fine, we can tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.

Our program has been developed over the last quarter of a century by ANZCA examiner and former tertiary educator (VCA, Melbourne Uni and NMIT); Brendan Hains. F.Dip.A.  All of our violin student's progress is closely monitored by Brendan and our Administration, feel free to speak to us at any time on any matter.

Our teachers are drawn from the finest available in Melbourne, all teachers are highly qualified and have working with children checks. We do not accept 2 year diplomas as adequate teaching qualifications and neither should you. All of our teachers have extensive professional performing experience, they will not however cancel teaching in favour of performances, our teachers are committed to your music education before any other consideration, they perform in their own time not yours! We are very fortunate to have one of Australia’s finest and most respected violinists as head of our strings faculty.

The primary emphasis of our violin and strings lessons is fostering correct technique. Regular scale and arpeggio practice is essential to one’s violin progress. In addition to exam preparation (which is by no means compulsory) students are encouraged to learn material of their own choice. All students are encouraged to perform at our end of year concert (and awards ceremony) along with regular recitals throughout the year.

We teach all styles of violin from Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gypsy and fiddle music.

We use traditional teaching methods,– our program will have you reading music as fluently as English in a matter of weeks.

Aural (ear) training exercises are conducted for a minute or two every lesson. A strong musical ear is essential to good violin playing.

General knowledge and appreciation of music history including the finest composers and exponents of the instrument are taught regularly. We have compiled a list of the top 100 composers of all time and we teach the styling's of all these greats. Who knows, maybe one day your name may be on the list?

We accept violin students as young as 3 years old (that’s right, we have a number of fantastic 3 year old violinists here) We also have a number of adult students, it is never too late to learn!


If you wish to purchase a violin at our store we recommend Steinhoff or Stentor violins.


We urge all students to bring a music manuscript book and or practice diary to each lesson. We recommend the following text books for our violin students: For very young students (aged 3-6) Encore on Strings Music Maestros book 1. For slightly older students Abracadabra Violin is a very good choice. All other beginners are recommended to purchase Suzuki Violin Method book 1.  Other good books include Fiddle Time Joggers and Fiddle Time Runners along with String Basics Violin.

If you choose to take violin lessons at Caroline Springs School of Music you will not look back, make no mistake we are the best in the business.


We have teachers who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Arabic. 


Half hour one on one private lessons run Monday to Friday 2pm-10pm, Saturday 8am-5pm.

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