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We have been the first choice for guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele and banjo lessons in Caroline Springs and surrounding suburbs for 20 years. APAC Business Insider Awards voted us: Melbourne's best music school in 2016.

Our program has been developed over the past thirty years by ANZCA examiner and tertiary educator (VCA, Melbourne Uni and NMIT) Brendan Hains.

Brendan is the only guitarist in Australia who holds a Fellowship Performer Diploma. (ANZCA's highest award)





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All of our guitar student's progress is closely monitored by Brendan and our administration. Feel free to speak to us by email at any time on any matter. Our guitar teachers are drawn from the finest available in Melbourne, all teachers are highly credentialed and have working with children checks. We do not accept 2 year diplomas as adequate teaching qualifications and neither should you.

All of our guitar teachers at Caroline Springs School of Music have extensive professional performing experience, they will not however cancel teaching in favour of gigs, our teachers are committed to your music education before any other consideration, they perform in their own time, not yours!


The main focus of our guitar program is fostering correct technique – if followed correctly and with regular practice, students can make the progress of what would normally take seven years of regular lessons, in one year on our program.

We have a number of exercises and scale practice routines that help develop highly facile technique. Correct guitar posture and Alexander Technique comprise a large part of our program. We have taught a number of this country's leading guitarists and successful pop/rock artists.

Since 2001 we have thrice produced the VCE top cat for guitar in Victoria. Students are encouraged to learn songs of their own choice along with some guidance and recommendations from our teachers of all the guitar classics. Students are also encouraged to learn repertoire from the superb ANZCA guitar exam syllabus.

At Caroline Springs School of Music, we teach all styles of guitar from Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Classical, Flamenco, Blues, finger-style, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.


All students enrolled in guitar lessons at Caroline Springs School of Music are welcome to join our guitar ensemble. Featuring students of all ages and levels of experience, our guitar ensemble performs regularly at local events and throughout Melbourne. Students in our guitar ensemble have made great progress on their instrument reaping the benefits of performing in groups with 6 of our guitar instructors assisting the students at all times. Our guitar ensemble is regularly asked to perform at major events throughout Australia and has been invited to perform at Parliament House.

We ensure that all students learn to read music notation not just tabs (you can do that at home on the net!) Aural (ear) training exercises are conducted for a minute or two every lesson. General knowledge and appreciation of guitar history including the finest exponents of the instrument are taught regularly. 


Although exams are not compulsory we encourage all students to sit for ANZCA guitar exams – Our results have consistently been the highest in Australia for over twenty years. If you do not wish to sit exams, that’s fine we can tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.


We teach students the styles and techniques of all the great guitarists. We foster an understanding and appreciation of truly great guitar music, not just what you hear on the radio!

All guitar students at Caroline Springs School of Music are regularly prepared to perform at our midyear and end of year concerts. 

We also have a large number of mature age guitar students. It’s never too late to learn!


At Caroline Springs School of Music we have many guitar students with autism. We have had great success teaching kids with ASD, all of our teachers are trained in how best to teach music to these students. We have found guitar lessons to be of great benefit to kids with ASD and positively impacts them in the rest of their lives, particularly in behaviour, communication and cognitive skills. 


We encourage all students to prepare for guitar exams. Our teachers are always preparing you for exams without too much talking about the exam itself. The material on ANZCA exams is there for good reason, you can rest assured that your guitar playing will be well rounded and secure at all times whilst preparing for exams.


* We regularly upload exam material (particularly list piece performances) to our Youtube Channel. 

Check our weekly blogs for playing tips and online guitar lessons.

If you choose to take guitar lessons at Caroline Springs School of Music you will not look back, make no mistake, we are the best in the business.

We have teachers who speak: Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Greek, French and Hindi. 


Aside from Guitar we also teach: Guiter, Gtr, Gitar, Gitaar, Geetar and many other misspelled variations of the instrument. 


We also have teachers who are experts in Bass, Bouzouki, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin and other fretted instruments. 

We have the best guitar teachers in Caroline Springs, our results speak for themselves.


We operate by term lessson appointment only. 

Guitar lessons run Monday to Friday 2 pm until 10 pm, Saturday 8 am-5 pm.



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