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If you learn guitar in Caroline Springs, look no further, we stock a range of great guitars suitable for student to professional use.
Please note: We only stock brands that we feel are appropriate to learn guitar on.
If you are looking to purchase brands that we do not stock, please seek advice on them elsewhere, we will only give professional advice on our brands. We stock the following guitar brands: Martin, Ovation, Esteve, Schecter, Tokai, SX, Alhambra, Lag, Takamine, BC Rich, Cordoba, Samick, Aria, Timberidge, Martinez, Valencia, Sanchez, Bryden, J&D Luthiers, Babicz, Harlem, Casino, Gitane, Cigano, Guild, Gregg Bennett guitars along with D'addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, Dunlop, Savarez, Thomastik, JVB, GHS, SIT, Martin and many more strings.
If you learn guitar at Caroline Springs School of Music be sure to ask for your student discount! If there is a guitar you do not see in our store or online, ask us to order it in. We can have most models here within a few days. All of our teachers and many students play the aforementioned brands, we offer ongoing service on all guitars bought at our store. You can check our weekly blogs on the website for guitar reviews and general advice on purchasing instruments. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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