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13 Dec 2016

 CS Music Guitar Circle. 2016 End of Year Concert.

 Junior Singing End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Guitar B 2016 End of Year Concert.

 CS Music Guitar A End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Drums End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Piano B End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Piano A End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Violin End of Year Concert 2016.

 CS Music Choir End of Year Concert 2016


6 Dec 2016

APAC Business Insider Awards has chosen; Caroline Springs School of Music as Melbourne's best music school for 2016. Thank you to all of our staff, students and parents for making this possible. http://www.apacinsider.com/awards Keep up the great work everyone! 

19 Oct 2016

Pencil, pen, paint or crayon - colour in pictures and send them to us for your chance to win a prize! Winning pictures will be displayed on the Caroline Spring

We all know the importance of training a strong musical ear. More importantly and before even commencing musical aural training; we must learn how to listen.

It is my belief that very few musicians, even very experienced ones, truly listen when they are playing music. Many of us think we are listening, when in fact we are barely even hearing.

Listening with intent and focus, is beyond merely hear...

I often hear parents ask our students the question: “What did you learn today?” or “Did you do a new page in the book?” Although very well intentioned, I believe there is often some misunderstanding as to how to best make musical progress. 

Regularly learning new material is of course essential to grow as a musician, however, it is not always best to learn something new. Musical ideas, concepts...

Guitar Repairs Caroline Springs School of Music.

The short answer is; “No”. Having established that, the following article should help you to tune more accurately. 

The easiest way to start sounding good pitch-wise, is to make sure you are always in tune. It is quite easy to achieve these days, with a huge range of good quality cheap tuners on the market. Our favourite inexpensive tuner is the ‘S...

24 Nov 2015

An often overlooked area of music general knowledge is the meaning of the piece’s title. I believe it is the single most important thing one must learn relating to any performance piece. Aside from all the other obvious important points of course, such as; the name of the composer (and country of birth), the style, the key, time signature and so on. Above all else; one should know the meaning o...

  • Don’t quit! Many believe it takes ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field (I do not actually believe that to be true, but it does take a long time). One year of lessons is only 20 hours!

  • Practice. That’s obvious isn’t it? Half an hour a day is easy to achieve.

  • Use our website www.carolinespringsschoolofmusic.com.au for weekly blogs, general knowledge w...

3 Sep 2015


We have noticed that many instruments brought into Caroline Springs School of Music for repairs are plain dirty.


A large number of repairs and associated costs could be avoided by some simple maintenance.

Always ensure your hands are clean before you practice. We should keep our hands clean anyway, right?


Always wipe your instrument with a soft cloth after practice, this will greatly increase...

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August 23, 2016

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