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We have worked in repair and service of all musical instruments in Caroline Springs since 2001. 

Our specialist repairmen will take the utmost care with your instrument. No matter how big or small the repair or service, your instrument will be returned to you feeling, sounding and playing better than ever before. 


Leave your instrument with us and we will make every effort to have it repaired and or serviced before your next lesson.

We can repair or service the following types of guitars:


Classical guitar, Flamenco guitar, Steel string acoustic guitar, Resonator guitar, Dobro.

Electric guitar, Jazz guitar, Gypsy Jazz guitar, Semi acoustic, Acoustic electric, Locking vibrato bar guitars.

Bass Guitars, Semi Acoustic Bass, Acoustic electric Bass.

All good guitar playing starts with a well set up and maintained guitar. Pickups must be in good condition, electronics must be clean and the frets need to be buzz-free. With many inexpensive options available to guitarists, many choose to replace a guitar that is not playing well, this is not always the best option and your instrument may just need a simple repair or service.





A full guitar service will typically involve the following:


* Restring and tuning (we use D’Addario strings for electric guitars and Martin strings for acoustic guitars (or others on request)

* Bridge adjustment, set intonation.

* Neck adjustment

*Check pickups, pots, output jack, battery and wiring.

*Fret dressing and replacements if necessary (fret dressing costs extra)


Guitar Restring (Acoustic/Electric)                     $35

Bass Guitars                                                          $55

Floyd Rose guitars                                                $55

6 string guitar setup (acoustic/electric)            $75

Guitar with Floyd Rose Bridge setup                $90

12 string guitar setup                                          $85

Headstock/Neck repair                                       $90-400

Complete rewire                                                  $130

New bone nut                                                       $120

Plastic precut nut                                                 $60

Replace pot                                                           $40

Install pickups                                                      $45

Output jack                                                           $30

Repair loose wiring                                              $40

Re-fret                                                                    $300-400

Fret Level & Dress                                               $120-200


Piano Repairs, Service and tuning

Our piano serviceman can come to your home to tune and repair your piano.

Tuning                                                                    $200-$250

Piano rebuilding and refinishing                       quote

Action regulation and voicing                            quote

Tuning pin replacement                                     quote

String repairs                                                        quote

Refinishing services                                             quote

Repair soundboard shimming                           quote


Saxophone Service

All repairs quoted

Minor service                                                        $125-155

General service                                                    $225-255

Full service                                                            quote


Clarinet Service                    

All repairs quoted

Minor service                                                        $150 -$175

General service                                                    $225-325


Flute Service                              


All repairs quoted

Clean, oil and adjust                                            $175-250

Complete overhaul                                              quote

Trumpet Service

All repairs quoted

General Service -                                                  $175


Violin, Viola and Cello Repairs

Complete Restring                                               $70-200 (varies according to string choice)

All repairs quoted


Drum Repairs

All repairs quoted

Replace drum heads                                           $30-200 (varies according to head choice)


For repairs of musical instruments in Caroline Springs, look no further than CS Music.


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