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Exam Preparation - a few points to remember

All of our music lessons at Caroline Springs are structured to ensure maximum results – exam preparation is not compulsory but highly recommended. Follow the tips in the following article and your results are guaranteed to increase.

“He who practises scales never fails”

Performing our technical work well is of the utmost importance. It creates a good first impression with the examiner and allows us to begin our list pieces with great confidence. Practising scales and arpeggios has been essential to developing good technique for centuries.

“Sight reading need not be fright reading!”

Sight reading should be practiced for a few minutes each session. This is an area where many students lose points. Play slowly and always play to the end, don’t stop to correct mistakes. Rhythms are more important than pitches! “Those who have good ears always get loud cheers”

The aural component of the exam is only worth 8 per cent of the score but having a good ear is the single most valuable asset a musician can have. The benefits of a strong musical ear carry over into all areas of musicianship and allows for much faster learning of scales and pieces.“

"Bach’ to the basics” General Knowledge

Also worth 8 marks – this is the easiest section of the exam to score full points! Often the examiner will ask direct questions and on other occasions they may ask you to talk a little about the piece – ALWAYS discuss the meaning of the title first. Also of importance are the composer, country, style, tempo, keys etc. the examiners do not ask trick questions. If you do not remember a sign or term from the music try making a logical guess. We should also have a good knowledge of the greatest composers and exponents of the given instruments. Do we all know who JS Bach and Miles Davis are?

I hope that has enlightened you all, keep up the good work and lets stay number one for music lessons in Caroline Springs and the greater western suburbs.

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