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General Knowledge for practical exams PART ONE.

With ANZCA exams fast approaching (May 27th) please ensure you know all of the required general knowledge for your respective grade.

At Caroline Springs School of Music we ensure that all students are well prepared for EVERY facet of their practical exams, an often neglected area in prac exams is general knowledge. Really the general knowledge component of the exams should be the easiest of all. Complete our worksheets to ensure you know all the basics of music knowledge.

Our next 3 blogs will focus on the most basic of general knowledge essential to early grades and beyond. Knowledge at each successive grade is cumulative, build a solid foundation of general knowledge to avoid confusion at higher grades.

The first area we should all be sure of is staff elements.

Worksheet 1 concentrates solely on staff elements; you can download worksheet 1 here:

Once you have downloaded and answered the questions please bring the worksheet to your next lesson for your teacher to correct.

There are 8 blank sections to complete on worksheet 1 with the following answers:

Treble clef (higher pitched instruments or right hand on piano)

Key signature (a sharp symbol indicating to sharpen F notes in key of G maj or Emin)

Staff (the lines and spaces on which the music notes are placed)

Time signature (indicating number of beats per bar and type of note to receive a beat)

Brace (joins the two staves)

Bass clef (lower pitched instruments clef or piano left hand)

Barline or measure (end of a bar or measure)

Double bar lines (end)

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions or ask your teacher in your next lesson.

Brendan Hains

Principal instructor Caroline Springs School of Music.

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