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How to get the most out of your lessons at CS School of Music

  • Don’t quit! Many believe it takes ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field (I do not actually believe that to be true, but it does take a long time). One year of lessons is only 20 hours!

  • Practice. That’s obvious isn’t it? Half an hour a day is easy to achieve.

  • Use our website for weekly blogs, general knowledge worksheets, YouTube videos of exam pieces and aural exercises. Check our Facebook page regularly as well.

  • Guitar students check for blogs, videos and guitar video tutorials.

  • Work on your technique. Always be vigilant to not let bad habits creep in to your technique. Your teacher will help you here.

  • Work on your sight-reading. A few minutes a day can often lead to strong reading skills.

  • Work on your aural skills. Try singing the notes as you play your scales and melodies.

  • Make sure you bring your books! You should all have diaries, method books and exam books.

  • Use a metronome regularly.

  • Study the work of the great exponents of your instrument. Ask your teacher or Brendan if you need help finding quality musicians to listen to.

  • Revise! Constant revision is necessary if you wish to continue progressing.

  • Work on the basics, it is not always best to work on new material. The fundamentals never change. You might be surprised to find the best musicians in the world are still practicing the same basic music vocabulary as you are.

  • Work on your weaker points. Make up a list.

  • Record yourself playing and listen back to it.

  • Choose your end of year concert piece in first term.

  • Make sure you are having fun, practice should always be fun!

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