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Instrument Repairs

We have noticed that many instruments brought into Caroline Springs School of Music for repairs are plain dirty.

A large number of repairs and associated costs could be avoided by some simple maintenance.

Always ensure your hands are clean before you practice. We should keep our hands clean anyway, right?

Always wipe your instrument with a soft cloth after practice, this will greatly increase string life on stringed instruments and prolong the life of all music instruments.

The best product I have seen for keeping wooden instruments clean is Kwik Fret (pictured) made by our good friend Stuart Box. Stuart is an amazing guitarist and really knows his stuff when it comes to guitar maintenance. KwikFret is made with eucalyptus oil and is an all natural product.

Applying a small amount of KwikFret to your guitars every few days will help keep it looking and playing well. Keeping your instrument in good working order is every bit as important as your practice. Nothing looks worse than an instrument covered in fingerprints; they are even more obvious on stage under the lights.

Always keep your instruments clean and help avoid unnecessary repair fees, our repairmen are overworked as it is!

Quote this article to receive 20% off QuikFret next time you are in the store at Caroline Springs School of Music.

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